Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

New additions to TechCare: Germain Tesnière, Lisa Feldmann

Germain Tesnière (Project Manager – IDELE)

Germain is an engineer in agronomy (L’Institut Agro Dijon) with a doctorate in management sciences (Mines ParisTech / INRAe). His background gives him dual expertise in biotechnical sciences and in human and social sciences on topics related to ruminant breeding. During his thesis, he studied the organizational and institutional changes linked to the development of a new technology – genomic selection – in France, Ireland and the Netherlands. He is particularly interested in the organizational and sociological impacts of new technologies deployed in livestock farming. Recently, he participated in several European, national, and regional projects on the breeding of local breeds (cattle, sheep), and the development of their production systems in the mountain ranges. As part of the TechCare project, Germain is working in collaboration with Jean-Marc Gautier on the innovative actions to be implemented for trials in pilot farms and demonstrations in large-scale (WP5). He also participates in the organization and animation of national workshops in France and other activities of IDELE in the TechCare project.

Lisa Feldmann (Apprentice agricultural engineer – CNBL/Confédération Générale de Roquefort/Unotec)

Lisa is an apprentice. She is studying in an Engineering agriculture school at Toulouse in the South of France. She has joined the TechCare project last year and she works for Comité National Brebis Laitières (CNBL) which can be translated by National Committee for Dairy Sheep. As part of this project, CNBL and its partners oversee the large scale in dairy sheep in France. CNBL is the national representative of all the technical organizations involved in the French dairy sheep value chain. She was hired by this organisation in relation with two third parties: Service Elevage Confédération Générale de Roquefort and UNOTEC to help with the organization and follow-up of the project on large-scale. She works on the premises of Institut de l’Elevage (Idele), which is the French Livestock Institut. This allows her to exchange in a close way with Germain Tesnière (Idele) and Jean-Marc Gautier (Idele). Both are the responsible for the dairy sheep pilot test in France.  In this picture, she is currently in the farm of La Cazotte in Aveyron (South of France) where the pilot trials are going to be performed. To give you an example, they will set up a continuous weighing of the milk tank and test electronic milk meters. By following this experimental test, Lisa can maintain a link to the large-scale experimentation that will ideally begin in early 2023. This link is important as some the technologies tested in the French pilot will later be implemented on the French large-scale.  Stayed tuned to follow the evolution of the project!