Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management



  1. Webinar EAAP & TechCare: “Innovative technologies for welfare management in sheep & goats systems” (17th January 2023), chaired by C. Morgan-Davies (SRUC).


  1. Online French sheep sector committee (8th December 2021). Presentation by G. Tesnière (IDELE): “TECHCARE. Des technologies innovantes pour améliorer la gestion du bien-être des petits ruminants: point d’étape du projet”.
  2. Webinar “Foods for the Future” for farmers and advisers in the UK (10th November 2021). Presentation by C. Morgan-Davies (SRUC): “Innovative technology in livestock farming”.
  3. Online workshop “Knowledge sharing and input on research/knowledge needs” (24th October 2021). NIBIO presentation: “To EU-prosjekt pa teknologi, småfe og dyrevelferd: TechCare og Sm@RT”.
  4. Webinar “Future Livestock Technologies” organised by SRUC (1st June 2021). Presentation by N. Lambe (SRUC): “New Technologies Coming to Practice – sheep & cattle”.


  1. Webinar “CHAIR AgroTIC” for scientific community (4th December 2020). Presentation by J. B. Menassol (INRAE): “Numérique au service du bien-être en élevage: ça concerne aussi les élevages peu intensifiés?.