Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

Other communication activities

TechCare representatives will attend numerous events where the latest project developments, progresses and results will be presented to the audience.


Trade fairs

  • NIBIO had a stand and gave a talk at the Agricultural Faire: Technology for our future agriculture sector in Lesja, Norway (26th March 2022).
  • MRI and SRUC presented the TechCare project during a farm event for 2 other projects (a national one: SmartSheep and an EU thematic network: Sm@RT) in Scotland (28th September 2021).
  • IDELE participated to the “TechOvin” trade fair (Bellac, France) to distribute a TechCare flyer presentation and animate a “connected village” with demonstrations of some tools used in TechCare pilots (example of WoW). Oral presentations: 1) “Comment mesurer automatiquement la note d’état corporel” (8th September 2021); 2) “L’élevage de précision ovin, mais pour quoi faire?” (9th September 2021). A project poster was also presented.

School events


  • BREEDR organized an industry workshop at the trade fair NSA Sheep South West, held in Honiton, UK, on May 10, 2023.
  • The Rural Roundup podcast with Claire Morgan-Davies, (SRUC). 12th April 2023.
  • SRUC Kirkton Research Update podcast with Nicola Lambe and Claire Morgan-Davies, (SRUC). 31st January 2023.
  • AGRIS podcast interview (Mauro Decandia) by Fondazione Qualivita – Italia Next DOP (16th January 2023).
  • AGDATAHUB produced a flyer to disseminate the project and Agdatahub’s contribution: English version and French version (9th December 2021).
  • NIBIO organised an online workshop with stakeholders to inform them about the project activity Presentation: “Nye prosjekt TechCare og Sm@RT Teknologi, småfe og dyrevelferd” (15th March 2021).
  • IDELE presented TechCare project to groups working on PLF and animal welfare: 1. Occitanum (February 2021); 2. PFL Dairy Sheep Technical Group CBNL (22nd January 2021); 3. PLF Meet sheep Technical Group CIIRPO (17th December 2020); 4. Steering Cmmitteee Moubien – animal welfare (28th September 2020).
  • IDELE produced a flyer available on its website (10th January 2021).