Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

New additions to TechCare: Shelemia Nyamuryekung’e, Charles Sauget, Noémie Litalien

Shelemia Nyamuryekung’e (Researcher – NIBIO)

Shelemia is a researcher at NIBIO specializing in Precision Livestock Farming. Holding both an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Range Science from New Mexico State University, USA, with a concentration in herbivores and plant interactions. He has knowledge of adaptive grazing management and sustainable rangeland livestock production practices. His research focuses on integrating telemetry devices to monitor livestock and analyzing how environmental factors influence their physiological and behavioral responses, ultimately informing land use decisions. His work leverages Precision Livestock Farming and Ranching tools to enhance sustainability in agriculture by fostering data-driven, evidence-based decision-making processes for the land manager. In addition, Shelemia has experience in Virtual Fencing/Herding and explores its potential and limitations in promoting resilient and environmentally conscious grazing livestock production. Shelemia will join the NIBIO TechCare team particularly in analysis of data, but also supporting the team in both WP2 welfare, WP3 PLF and WP4 data management.


Charles Sauget (project manager in digital agriculture – Agdatahub) 

Charles Sauget is an engineer with a dual expertise in agronomy and digital technologies. He helps agricultural organisations to implement projects for exchanging and making the most of their agricultural data on issues ranging from logistics to measuring greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector. In the TechCare project, Charles is working with the partners on data sharing issues as part of WP7, one of the aims of which is to explore possible uses and dissemination for the data produced during the project.



Noémie Litalien (Agricultural engineer – CNBL)

Noémie is an engineer in agronomy specialized in animal production (L’Institut Agro Montpellier). She joined the TechCare project last February and she works for Comité National Brebis Laitières (CNBL) which can be translated by National Committee for Dairy Sheep. She follows the large-scale experimentation (WP5) which count 11 farms in Aveyron (South of France). She ensures the proper functioning of all the technologies, assesses the animal welfare on farms, collects and analyzes all the data. Noémie works in collaboration with Germain Tesnière (Idele), responsible for the dairy sheep pilot test, and Gilles Lagriffoul (CNBL), responsible for the demonstrations in large-scale, in France.