Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

TechCare in the news

List of past and upcoming events with TechCare partners attendance.

Event    Date     Location    Partner
The challenge of change the new normal? BSAS 2021 – Presentation: “Precision sheep management in the uplands” 12-15.04.2021 On-line SRUC
Interview “Precision solutions to animal health & welfare” on FAS Podcast 19.04.2021 On-line SRUC/MRI
Webinar “Future Livestock Technologies”, organized by SAC Consulting (UK)- Presentation:  “New Technologies Coming to Practice – sheep & cattle” 1.06.2021 On-line SRUC
Webinar Sm@rt Elevage about connected ruminants 24.06.2021 On-line Agdatahub
e-Forum by planet A
Agriculture, guarantor of the One Health approach: challenges, innovations and best practices. Presentation: “Plateforme pour les données agricoles”
24.06.2021 On-line Agdatahub
72nd EAAP Annual Meeting – The Sm@RT and TechCare projects (session 14)
5 presentations dedicated to TechCare project
30.08-3.09.2021 Hybrid event (Davos, Switzerland) SRUC, AGRIS, ELGO-DIMITRA