Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

TechCare Partner Team: BUAS

Universitatea de Științele Vieții “Regele Mihai I” din Timișoara (University of Life Sciences “King Mihai I” from Timișoara) is a state institution for higher education located in SW Romania, in Banat Region. It has six faculties that offer 29 bachelor study programmes in Romanian and 4 bachelor study programmes in other languages (English and French), as well as 32 master study programmes (28 in Romanian and 4 in English) and 2 doctoral schools in Engineering and Veterinary Medicine. Scientific research plays a major challenge within the global university strategy. Currently, there are about 6000 students enrolled in undergraduate studies (BSc and MSc) and 210 students in PhD and postdoc. Teaching and research staff of our university is made up of 298 full-time employees. Research is carried out within the special structures such as departments, research and excellence centres, research institutes doctoral school and student research groups. University has authorized and certified laboratories, according to SR EN ISO CEI 17025, is partner of the European Food Safety Authority (art. 36 of CE Regulation 178/2002) and member of international networks EU Openscreen and METROFOOD. Research and education campus located in Northern Timișoara is comprising a total of 18216 sqm of built area. The university has experimental farms for domestic animals and crops in 5 locations. To find out more about our university visit the website.

Short profile of the team involved in the TechCare project:

Ludovic Toma Cziszter is Associated Professor, currently teaching Cattle and Horse Production at the Faculty of Bioengineering of the Animal Resources. He has experience in EU projects, being responsible for Romania in 5 EU projects on animal welfare. Research areas: cattle, sheep and goats, animal welfare, PLF, genetics. He also has expertise in building and modernizing cattle farms, participating as consultant for 36 projects. He was external expert for EFSA group studying the welfare of dairy cows in small farms in Europe. Published over 300 scientific papers, 8 books, 8 textbooks. Within the TechCare project, Ludovic is responsible for implementation of the project in Romania, participating in WP1, WP2, WP5, WP6, WP7, and WP8. He is particularly involved in WP1 connection with stakeholders and multi-actor approach and WP5 large-scale testing of PLF with dairy sheep.


Octavian Sorin Voia is Associated Professor, currently teaching Sheep and Goat Production at the Faculty of Bioengineering of the Animal Resources. He was involved in over 10 research contracts, mainly in the field of sheep and goats. He is strongly and actively involved in knowledge transfer to sheep and goat breeders, being technical consultant for several Romanian associations. Published over 170 original scientific papers and 8 books. Currently, he is involved in research projects regarding the production of organic sheep milk and selection of Romanian native sheep and goat breeds. Within TechCare he is involved in WP1 keeping the connection with stakeholders, WP2 prioritisation of welfare issues, WP5 large-scale testing of PLF and WP7 dissemination of knowledge.


Cristian Florin Lăzărescu is Lecturer, currently teaching Animal Welfare and Protection, Animal Ethology and Veterinary Hygiene at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, both in Romanian and English. He has a great experience in animal welfare and ethology. Has been involved in EUWelNet project. Published over 50 scientific research papers and 3 textbooks. Within TechCare project, Cristian is involved in WP2, but mainly in WP5 large-scale study.




Silvia Elena Erina is Lecturer, currently teaching Cattle Production and Animal Ethology at the Faculty of Bioengineering of the Animal Resources. She published over 100 scientific papers and 2 textbooks, being part in 5 research contracts, mainly on cattle. She is member of counselling commission of students and their insertion on the labour market. She has strong connection with farmers. Within TechCare project, Silvia is mainly involved in WP1 connection with stakeholders and WP5 large-scale studies.



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