Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

TechCare Partner Team: EAAP and Agdatahub (Leader and Co-Leader WP7)

The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) is a federation whose members are national organizations working in the animal science sector from 35 countries of Europe and the Mediterranean area. EAAP has extensive experience in the promotion of scientific research and its dissemination and application into practice. EAAP has also a long tradition in the development of dissemination tools, training activities for scientists and the organization of international conferences. Moreover, EAAP has extensive experience in publishing both at a scientific and technical level. EAAP has been responsible for communication, dissemination, and knowledge transfer activities within more than twenty EU-funded projects – since FP6 – and technical themes. By developing online channels such as websites and social media, EAAP facilitates access to data and knowledge for scientists and technicians from all over Europe and the rest of the world. EAAP has a large database with more than 6.000 contacts of scientists and research institutes active in the field of animal science, coming from European and Mediterranean countries. EAAP has also 11 Study Commissions and several Working Groups focused on analysing and managing issues related to different aspects of animal science and the livestock industry. EAAP is co-founder and co-owner of the academic journals Animal and Animal Frontiers. In the TechCare project, EAAP is in charge of leading Work Package 7 – “Dissemination, communication and exploitation of results”. To know more about EAAP visit the website.

Short profile of the team involved in the TechCare project:

Riccardo Carelli is a Senior EU project manager and is leading the EU projects unit within EAAP. He has worked for public (National Research Council of Italy, European Commission, Ministry of University and Research) and private (Sapienza Innovazione, IPI) organizations. He has a long experience in managing international projects (7 EU projects, both in FP7 and Horizon 2020 coordinated), as well as in disseminating and exploiting project results. Within the TechCare project, he is responsible for the WP7, in particular coordinating communication and dissemination activities on behalf of the consortium.


Marlène Sciarretta is an EU project manager with a background in political sciences (international field) and an MA in European Studies earned in Belgium. After a traineeship at the Council of the European Union, she worked for international governmental bodies and the private sector gaining professional experience in the project management field, in particular regarding events organization, dissemination and administrative activities. In EAAP she manages EU-funded projects and the newsletter. Within TechCare, she is responsible for interaction with the partners for communication and dissemination activities.


Federica Motterle’s main activity is on social media: she manages all profiles and channels of EAAP. She graduated as Interpreter in English and French at the University of International Studies of Rome, then she obtained a B.A in Art History at Tor Vergata University of Rome and a Master in Social Media Marketing. Within the TechCare project, she is in charge of social media communication and management of TechCare’s social media accounts.



Federico Liguori is an EU junior project manager with a background in languages and an MBA earned in his hometown, Potenza. After a traineeship at the Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research (Rome), he worked at the Humanitas Research Hospital (Milan) on national and international research projects. Currently, in EAAP he is involved in EU-funded projects and webinars. Within TechCare, he deals with communication and dissemination activities.




© Credit Marilia Gallus, AGRIS

As the operator of a sovereign data exchange platform, Agdatahub brings confidence to the European players involved in the TechCare project. The API-AGRO platform acts as a “data intermediary” which aims to foster interoperability and improve data exchange between multiple actors of the agricultural sector. In the TechCare project, Agdatahub is a trusted partner that aims to facilitate and secure the exchange of welfare and technological tools data collected on farms and distributed to the project partners and beyond. The platform offers an API based approach (Application Programming Interface) allowing the sharing of data and algorithms with clear rules of diffusion and use (explicit license and economic conditions). The process is entirely trustful with confirmed identities and monitored actions. Empowerment of data by farmers allows for new ways of valuing data and creating innovative and ethical business models.

Short profile of the team involved in the TechCare project:

Gaëlle Chéruy Pottiau (Chief Service Officer)

Gaëlle is an agricultural engineer with a degree in management of agricultural and agri-food cooperatives. She used to manage complex projects in the field of professional electronic exchanges and the standardization of agricultural data. She has to her credit the standardization of a dozen agricultural EDI messages at UNCEFACT (United Nations) and the development of harmonized code repositories used in parcel exchanges in France. Gaëlle is helping TechCare’s members to understand how the API platform will facilitate their data exchange.


Thomas Gomez (European project manager in digital agriculture)

Thomas is an engineer with dual expertise in agronomy and digital technologies. His experience in the field and in IT project management in several organizations has enabled him to tackle a wide range of concrete problems related to the collection and use of data in the agricultural sector. In the TechCare project, Thomas is the main contact to connect the group members to the platform API-Agro and guide them through the different functionalities. Thomas is also the co-leader of WP7, which covers the important issues around data exploitation and dissemination.