Integrating innovative TECHnologies along the value Chain to improve small ruminant welfARE management

TechCare’s People: Aimee Walker!

I received my Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Glasgow in 2014. During my studies I undertook several internships including both at a local farm near Glasgow, as well as a large operation in Montana, USA. This led me to then complete a Masters in Wildlife and Livestock Management at the University of Glasgow, where I investigated the impact of the reintroduction of wolves on livestock producers in the Greater Yellowstone Area. In my spare time I enjoy hill-walking and horse riding, but I love nothing more than being curled up with a good book. I started my PhD at SRUC on Adopting Precision Livestock Farming technologies to improve small ruminant management and welfare in grazing systems in January 2021, with Claire Morgan-Davies for WP5. I’m excited to pursue the potential for PLF tools, and looks forward to investigating how this can be implemented by small ruminant producers.